After doing instance research on national and international issues, I decided to build up my concept around the recent political agendas of our volatile nation. I strongly believe that neither of the two main political fronts is capable enough of leading the nation in the right direction. This lack of education and information from the government's side to the general public be it on local policies or the national policies, this is what affects me and the people protesting out in the street of New Delhi today. Hence my propaganda for the final output is derived from the pillars of the Indian Constitution “Diversity in Unity”. Therefore, I will be creating an event campaign for “Aisi Taisi Democracy” a trio of three artists being honest, cheeky with their satires and political agenda-based songs. With this campaign, I want to present an opinion in which a different way of protest is suggested to the mass which doesn’t include any sort of unrest or fasting or propaganda news reporters with proactive protesters. But an environment where people unite and enjoy this satirical way of representation of the so-called modern-day politics.