The college trip being an important part of the trip was a great experience overall it was more like the whole class working together. The united decisions that the whole class used to participate even having a hectic day. The fact that we were to look for a story and to learn something and not to only enjoy was always in my head. The experience of getting up early in the morning and going for a jungle safari and observing the thrill of the jungle was the best experience I have ever had. The trip also taught us how to work together irrespective of the differences in opinions. This came out when we had to work together on the wall artwork in Khajuraho. The overall journey of Khajuraho temples was amazing the moment we stepped into that city it was all positive vibes and not only that the people there were warm-hearted and accepting to all sorts of people. These temples had a different sort of aura to themselves, I have visited a lot of temples in my life till now from the south to the north of India. But this a different vibe and aura altogether. Just sitting near the temples and observing their architecture and deep knowledge carved on the walls was mesmerizing